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bruh this was some lit stuff bruh
Hi, I just wanted to know if you guys are hiring so i can apply and is your application online or do i have to come by and get a paper copy ? Thank you
Thom Parker
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The food and service was horrible. I ordered the hibachi shrimp and a Philadelphia roll to go. The lady that took the order was very unfriendly. The rice was too greasy to even consume, shrimp was undercooked and the sushi which contained raw fish was warm. The sushi was so warm in fact that the cream cheese was about to melt. The person I went with also had a very unsatisfactory meal. The ratio of steak to vegetables was unbalanced. Eating there was a waste of my money ($15+), time and was health risk. Not only was the food and service horrible but I don't think it's safe to eat at this restaurant (hopemills location)